Sancoffee 2021

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Overall Auction Description

Lots in this auction

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightInco TermIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
#1AraraInduced Fermentation3396.83lbs(FOB)$0.10$15.10/lb$5,992.13AM 3002 Fazenda Samambaia - Arara - Induced FermentationEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
#2Yellow CatuaíNatural5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$7.60/lb$5,026.49AM 3013 Fazenda Samambaia - Yellow Catuaí - Naturalle piantagioni del caffè srl FINISHED
#3Yellow CatucaíInduced Fermentation5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$7.30/lb$4,828.07AM 3030 Sítio Morro Vermelho - Yellow Catucaí - Induced FermentationEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
#4AraraNatural5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$7.60/lb$5,026.49AM 3009 Fazenda São Paulo - Arara - NaturalSaint Coffee Roasters FINISHED
#5AcaiáInduced Fermentation5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.00/lb$2,645.52AM 3007 Fazenda Taquaral - Acaiá - Induced FermentationFive Senses Coffee FINISHED
#6Yellow CatucaíInduced Fermentation4529.1lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.60/lb$2,433.86AM 3035 Fazenda Vassourão - Yellow Catucaí - Induced FermentationMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
#7Yellow CatucaíNatural4529.1lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.00/lb$2,116.40AM 3027 Fazenda Lagoa - Yellow Catucaí - NaturalFive Senses Coffee FINISHED
#8Yellow BourbonNatural4529.1lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.10/lb$2,169.31AM 3029 Fazenda Mundo Novo - Yellow Bourbon - NaturalFalcon Coffees FINISHED
#9Yellow CatucaíNatural5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.00/lb$2,645.52AM 3036 Fazenda Borges de Cima - Yellow Catucaí - NaturalESPERYA srl FINISHED
#10Yellow CatucaíNatural5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.00/lb$2,645.52AM 3031 Sítio Morro Vermelho - Yellow Catucaí - NaturalSaint Coffee Roasters FINISHED
#11CATUCAÍ 785Natural5661.38lbs(FOB)$0.10$4.30/lb$2,843.93AM 3034 Sítio Borges - CATUCAÍ 785 - NaturalMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
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