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9th December 2021

14:00 hrs London Time

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About Sancoffee

Nestled in the heart of Minas Gerais province, Campo das Vertentes has been recently recognized as a geographic indication for coffee production in Brazil. Sancoffee is deeply rooted in this area and has historically been its main driving force for quality coffees.

Sancoffee is established as a coop and strives to build an original business model encouraging state-of-the-art farming and post-harvest practices in combination with a strong commitment to generate sustainable positive impact in the community. For this reason, we are B-corp certified. We have also achieved carbon neutrality for the export activities and we coordinate several social and environmental projects.

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unique taste for a unique region

Campo das Vertentes - Minas Gerais

Campo Das Vertentes is a region rich in history and heritage of coffee production


High plateaus with an average altitude of 1030m above sea level. Soft slopes allowing for efficient mechanization


Regular rainfall and mild temperatures throughout the year. Dry weather, favoring post-harvest procedures, with a broad temperature range during the harvest season, offering good conditions for the maturation cycle.

How the Coffee was selected

Our team has worked really hard to cultivate, prepare and select the unique coffee lots in this auction. They truly represent the very best of our terroir. In addition to Sancoffee member farms, this year’s competition was also open to all partner smallholder associations within Campo das Vertentes, which helped us to continuously support and explore new possibilities in our region.

In the first phase, lots were carefully categorized and pre-select by our Q team comprising 4 Q-graders and 2 Cup of Excellence judges. In the second round, the lots were examined by a national jury composed of 5 experienced cuppers from different producing regions in Brazil. Finally, the qualified lots were submitted to 20 international judges (Europe, USA and Asia) for the final ranking.

We hope you enjoy participating in this auction as much as we enjoy selecting these lots for you.

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  • 2019

    1st place “Campo das Vertentes First cup” (Fazenda Guariroba)

  • 2018

    5th place Cup of Excellence Naturals (Fazenda Campo Alegre) – Presidential winner

    8th place Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural (Fazenda Guariroba)

  • 2016

    1st place Cup of Excellence Naturals (Fazenda Guariroba) – Presidential winner

    1st place Sul de Minas – EMATER (Fazenda Samambaia)

    2nd Place BSCA 25 years Naturals (Fazenda Samambaia)

    4th Place Brazil Cup Rainforest Alliance (Fazenda Samambaia)

    ACE National Winners Cup of Excellence (Fazenda Mumbuca)

  • 2015

    19th Place Cup of Excellence Naturals (Fazenda São Paulo)

  • 2014

    20th Place Cup of Excellence Naturals (Fazenda Samambaia)

    10th Place Brazil Cup Rainforest Alliance (Fazenda Samambaia)

  • 2009

    18th Place Cup of Excellence (Fazenda Cerrado Grande)

  • 2001

    8th Place Illy (Fazenda Samambaia)

    13th Place Cup of Excellence (Fazenda Samambaia)

  • 2000

    10th Place Brazil Cup of Excellence (Fazenda Bom Jardim)

    11th Place Brazil Cup of Excellence (Fazenda Invernada)

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