Lot #11: AM 3034 Sítio Borges - CATUCAÍ 785 - Natural

Lot Description

Reference Number:#11
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:661.38 lbs
Varietal:CATUCAÍ 785
Harvest:13 - 07 -2021

Coffee details


The lot was harvested using mechanical fingers at the right point of maturation. After that, the lot was dryed for 7 days in the patio being the lot revolved 8 times by day. Finished in the mechanical dryer until the coffee achievee a more uniform moisture content.

Farm details

Farm Name: Sítio Borges
Region: Camacho - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,145

Producer Story:

Coffee has always been part of Paulinho Emidio’s life. His parents have always worked in large coffee farms in the region. As teenagers, Paulinho and his brother saw potential in coffee growing and decided to plant in a small piece of land that belonged to the family. From these modest beginnings, Paulinho has worked his way upwards trying to apply new technologies and providing careful attention to quality. Today, he is harvesting the success of many years of dedication having a lot qualified for an international auction for the first time.

Member of: Beyond Borders Program - Borges Association (ACMB)

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