Lot #1: AM 3002 Fazenda Samambaia - Arara - Induced Fermentation

Lot Description

Reference Number:#1
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:396.83 lbs
Process:Induced Fermentation
Harvest:06 - 22 - 2021

Coffee details


The lot was selectively harvested by a Mechanical Harvester. After that, the lot passed by a semi-aerobic fermentation in barrels for 4 days using yeasts naturally occuring at the farm. Then, the drying took place in Raised beds for 32 days until the lot achieved the properly moisture to storage.

Farm details

Farm Name: Fazenda Samambaia
Region: Santo Antônio do Amparo - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,080

Producer Story:

Coming from a traditional coffee growing family in Campo das Vertentes, Henrique Dias Cambraia took over the management of Fazenda Samambaia in 1993 after his father passed away. At that time, Henrique decided to move back to the farm, despite his initial business career in Belo Horizonte, in order to overview farm operations and learn more about the activity and the coffee market.

Nowadays, Fazenda Samambaia is synonymous with innovation, people and quality. Under the leadership of Henrique and a qualified team, the farm strives to produce unique coffees with socio-environmental responsibility.

Member of Sancoffee


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