Lot #9: AM 3036 Fazenda Borges de Cima - Yellow Catucaí - Natural

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Reference Number:#9
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:661.38 lbs
Varietal:Yellow Catucaí
Harvest:07 - 28 -2021

Coffee details


Cherries were harvested at the maturation peak and it was immediately moved to the patio over a white cloth in order to avoid absorbing too much heat. The cherries dried very slowly over 20 days, leaving the beans more time in contact with the mucilage. Very thins layers were used to prevent undisered fermentation and raking only started at the "raisin" stage to avoid depulping or damaging the cherries. The process was finished in a vertical drier, using mild temperatures trying to replicate the sunlight conditions.

Farm details

Farm Name: Fazenda Borges de Cima
Region: Camacho - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,180

Producer Story:

A pioneer in coffee-growing in the Borges Community, in Camacho/MG, Mr. Divino Borges began his journey in coffee in 1978 with his wife Mrs. Lourdes. Thanks to coffee, the couple was able to raise 14 children. One of the oldest children, Severo helped his parents with his siblings and also with coffee activities.

Mr. Divino was an inspiration for his children, Severo learned with him everything about coffee. After his father's death, each brother inherited a piece of land, and Severo continued with Sítio Borges de Cima. The union with brothers was fundamental for the success of the activity. With a total of 70 hectares of coffee, together, they carry out all activities in a sustainable manner, with a focus on the production of specialty coffees.

Member of: Beyond Borders Program - Borges Association (ACMB)

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