Lot #6: AM 3035 Fazenda Vassourão - Yellow Catucaí - Induced Fermentation

Lot Description

Reference Number:#6
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:529.1 lbs
Varietal:Yellow Catucaí
Process:Induced Fermentation
Harvest:07 - 07 - 2021

Coffee details


The lot was selectively harvested by a Mechanical Harvester. After that, the lot was fermented in barrels of 200L using the naturally occuring yeast of the farm. Followed by 12 days drying period in the patio, than 10 days resting, before 2 more days in the patio to finish the drying and homoginize the moisture content. Then, th elot rested for two weeks before the hulling .

Farm details

Producer Name: Waldir Batista Borges
Farm Name: Fazenda Vassourão
Region: Camacho - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,150

Producer Story:

A pioneer in coffee-growing in the Borges community, town of Camacho, Mr. Divino Borges began his journey in coffee in 1978 by planting 3 hectares with his wife Mrs. Lourdes. Thanks to coffee, the couple was able to raise 14 children.

Waldir always enjoyed accompanying his father in the fields and owes a lot to his father’s teachings on the necessary care with the coffee plants. After the death of Mr. Divino, the farm was divided by Waldir, who renamed his part as Fazenda Vassourão, and his brothers and sisters. The Borges family still works closely together carrying out all activities with great care to produce special coffees and this union has been fundamental for the success of all in coffee growing. 

Member of: Beyond Borders Program - Borges Association (ACMB)

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