Lot #3: AM 3030 Sítio Morro Vermelho - Yellow Catucaí - Induced Fermentation

Lot Description

Reference Number:#3
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:661.38 lbs
Varietal:Yellow Catucaí
Process:Induced Fermentation

Coffee details


The lot was harvested mechanically by a harvester. Thereafter, the cherries went through the wet mill separating the floaters before being placed inside 200L barrels for the fermentation process. The fermentation took place for approximately 120 hours. After that, the cherries were moved to the drying patio, where they stayed until 17% in moisture content and it rested for 15 days before finishing the process in the patio again until 11.5%.

Farm details

Farm Name: Sítio Morro Vermelho
Region: Camacho - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,100

Producer Story:

Caique de Paula da Mata left his parents' farm at the age of 17 to follow his dream to become an engineer. After many years in the state of São Paulo where studied and worked as an electrical engineer, Caique saw his life change course when the company where he worked declared bankruptcy. At the same time, his parents Menequele and Nadia were experiencing serious financial difficulties in the countryside, so it was only natural that Caique would come back to help his parents with the farm. Since he has been involved, Sítio Morro Vermelho has gained new colors with the addition of plantations and the interest in specialty coffees.

Member of: Beyond Borders Program - Borges Association (ACMB)

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