Lot #7: AM 3027 Fazenda Lagoa - Yellow Catucaí - Natural

Lot Description

Reference Number:#7
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:529.1 lbs
Varietal:Yellow Catucaí
Harvest:06 - 01 - 2021

Coffee details


The lot was selective hand picking and sorted in sieves at the field. The drying took place in the patio for 15 days in total, after the moisture content was below 20% the cherries were piled up and covered every afternoon.

Farm details

Farm Name: Fazenda Lagoa
Region: Camacho - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,050

Producer Story:

Coming from a family of small coffee growers in the town of Camacho, Amilton Lopes da Silva started working at the age of 15 in a coffee nursery. As a reward to his dedicated work, the owner of the nursery offered him 1,000 coffee seedlings so that he could start his plantation. This first plot marked the beginning of Fazenda Lagoa, where Amilton works now alongside his wife Anderleia and his brother Adilson. The farm is the family's main source of income and Amilton hopes one day his son will be able to continue his work.

Member of: Beyond Borders Program - Borges Association (ACMB)

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