Lot #5: AM 3007 Fazenda Taquaral - Acaiá - Induced Fermentation

Lot Description

Reference Number:#5
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:661.38 lbs
Process:Induced Fermentation
Harvest:07 - 05 - 2021

Coffee details


Mechanically harvested, the lot was fermented in a wooden wagon, used as a container, for 48 hours. The cherries were covered with coffee husks inside the wagon to reduce air exposure. Once the temperature on the cherries reached 36C° the coffee was removed to the patio carefully setting aside the cherries in the edges. In the patio the coffee was placed in a thin layer (bean by bean) without any raking for 2 days. Next the thickness of the layer was gradually increased for 5 days. Finally the lot rested in a silo for 2 weeks.

Farm details

Producer Name: Luis Framarion Pereira de Figueiredo
Farm Name: Fazenda Taquaral
Region: Ibituruna - MG
Farm Elevation: 1,100

Producer Story:

Luis Framarion grew up in the town of Ibituruna among the coffee plantations. No stranger to the hardships faced by his family in the coffee-growing, and recently graduated as an agronomist, Luis decided to move to Brazil`s grain belt in the midwest and work in the flourishing soybean plantations.

After this valuable professional experience, Luis decided to move back to his hometown with a new mindset and some progressive agribusiness ideas. The acquisition of Fazenda Taquaral marks this fresh start in coffee and Luis Framarion has grown more passionate about this activity ever since.

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